About Rick and Nicole

Maybe it’s the sound of kids backflipping in the pool.Or it could be the whiff of barbeque on a Saturday in August. If you ask the neighbors, it’s the laughter— that infectious kind where you can’t stop once you hear it — over at Rick and Nicole Menary’s house. Like a siren, the impromptu gatherings at their home lure dads from their mowers and moms from their yoga. The hosts don’t mind. Hot dogs are grilled, swan dives are applauded and great company is enjoyed. The door’s always open here, and Rick and Nicole wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Best of All Worlds
For Rick and Nicole, their neighbourhood in Whitby, Ontario is a haven of beauty and comfort. Children play freely at the park, couples stroll the shore of Lake Ontario in the evening and people watch out for each other. The Menary children, Kamryn and Carter are school-age and secure in their surroundings. Rick and Nicole settled here to discover life in a simpler time and Whitby’s historic buildings and quaint streets are a respite from the urban realities of nearby Toronto. At the same time, this contemporary couple wanted the sophistication of city culture, and Durham Region has the best of all worlds.
Rick and Nicole come from diverse backgrounds, this area serves their eclectic tastes. Nicole enjoys throwing dinner parties for friends and volunteers her time to supervise class trips with her kids. In his youth, Rick was a dedicated musician, touring with a band for years. It’s still a passion; he performs weekly at local clubs, playing guitar and singing lead vocals. For Rick and Nicole, life in Durham Region caters to both their personal and professional lives. There’s city buzz to hold their interest and provincial charm that feeds a heartfelt need for family and security.

Your Friends in Real Estate
As real estate professionals, Rick and Nicole have first-hand experience with families and career people who want the best of both worlds. Increasingly, urbanites seek out this happy medium and Rick and Nicole know exactly how they feel and where to find what they need. When Rick left his musical career behind, he joined the family real estate company in 1994. He’s been helping family find peace in Durham Region ever since. Nicole later joined the firm as an agent and the two bring a wealth of area knowledge and expertise to their appreciative clientele.

A Perfect Fit
Education, recreation and cultural resources are second nature to Rick and Nicole. Parents can be introduced to a vibrant community of like-minded professionals the very day that they move in. A long history and awareness of the Durham Region’s development, civic issues and market trends lend power and depth to a client’s selling or buying experience. Ties to the community and sharply honed skills make them a sought-after team for a growing list of clients.

When considering buying or selling property, Rick and Nicole can introduce you to a lifestyle, not just a house. They’re invested in the community and its growth, and, they bring solid and proven business prowess to any real estate transaction. This dedicated team has particular concern for anyone searching for that special lifestyle. They live it and can help you find it too. Call Rick and Nicole Menary—
Your Friends in Real Estate.From being a great place to raise their kids to the friendly social atmosphere, Rick and Nicole love everything about where they live and work. Rick and Nicole believe in using the latest technology and staying on top of local real estate trends to help their clients achieve the results they desire.

“It’s good to have friends you can count on. That’s what we are to our clients—friends who use their knowledge and expertise to help them achieve their goals.”

Rick and Nicole Menary know that when you’re making an important decision like buying or selling a home, it’s good to have friends you can count on. As one of the leading real estate partnerships in Durham Region, Rick and Nicole take pride in helpinglocal families make the most of their opportunities during this exciting time. From their business expertise and keen insights to their friendly, upbeat approach, this is one real estate team you can rely on to be there for you every step of the way. Before your next move, remember that Rick and Nicole Menary are Your Friends in Real Estate. They have what it takes to help you achieve your home buying or selling goals.